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Our First Tool: Multiplication Blaster!

We remember having to learn multiplication tables in grade school. We also remember how much of a pain it can be. So when Principal Investigator Celeste started learning them in her third grade class, we thought of ways to make it easier. We got into the habit of going over multiplication problems in the car on the way to school, but after doing this for a few weeks we realized it would be good to have a way for her to go through multiplication problems on her computer whenever she wanted to.

So we made the Kid Scientist Multiplication Blaster. This is a web page that takes you through as many random multiplication problems as you can stomach, from 3 x 3 to 12 x 12.

Try the Multiplication Blaster out and let us know what you think. Does this make learning multiplication tables more fun? Are there other similar tools you’d like to see us make? Let us know!

Vamanos con Astro_Jose!

astro_joseWe love space and rockets, but we’ve been following this week’s planned Space Shuttle launch more carefully because one of the astronauts speaks both English and Spanish. He’s been posting short messages in both languages on Twitter using the name @Astro_Jose. If you know English or Spanish (or both) it’s fun to see what he has to say about the process of going into space.

Jose attended graduate school at UC Santa Barbara; the alumni magazine has an article on alumni astronauts, including Astro_Jose.

Awesome Underwater Volcano


From our friends at’s “The Big Picture” come these awesome photos of an undersea volcano erupting.

This eruption took place this week and was accompanied by a strong earthquake. It happened near the island nation of Tonga, located in the South Pacific.

Teddy Bear Astronauts

From the Daily Mail comes a story of some British kids who sent their teddy bears on a trip on a weather balloon.

The weather balloon went 20 miles (32 kilometers) into the air, which is just at the edge of space. The trip lasted about two hours. The kids made space suits for the teddy bears to protect them because it’s very cold at that altitude.