This morning we made eggs for breakfast. We cracked them open and wondered, where did the chicks go?

The eggs you buy in the supermarket are unfertilized. That means a rooster has not fertilized the chicken’s eggs. Without fertilization, an egg will not produce a chick. What you see inside an egg are the yolk (the yellow part) and albumen (the egg white). The yolk and egg white provide nutrition for the chick when it is developing. This is different from the way human babies get nutrition when they’re developing in the womb. Human babies get their nutrition from an umbilical cord attached to their bellies.

That’s how you got your belly button!

One thought on “Eggs

  1. Baron Smith

    Hi Jeff,

    I enjoyed your Data-Driven AJAX talk today at VSLive. I like this blog you set up! I have a 1 year old son and want to teach him as much as I can and make it fun. I would love to hear more about how you and your daughter go about coming up with ideas for the blog and how you each share the work in getting a new entry posted.

    Baron Smith


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