How Did People Learn To Write?

You may be learning to write letters and numbers in school. But how did ancient people figure out writing, in the days before we had schools?

People didn’t always write. Cavemen didn’t write. People started writing about six thousand years ago. To keep track of information, people would make little marks in soft clay using a tool called a stylus. Over time, people began to agree on what the marks should mean.

The Rosetta Stone by namlhots

Different people write things in different ways. In this picture you can see the Rosetta Stone, which is carved with ancient writings. The Rosetta Stone is important because it shows three different kinds of ancient writing. Scientists were able to figure out a lot about what the ancient writing meant by comparing the letters on the stone to information they knew about these ancient languages.

The Rosetta Stone was created more than 2,200 years ago and was discovered in the year 1799 in Egypt. It is currently stored at the British Museum in London.

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  1. Katy

    Hi Mariana!
    I believe it was created by the Ancient Egyptians, and Rosetta comes from the name of the place where it was discovered.


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